Friday, May 5, 2017

North Dakota advice for Lancaster as pipe protest looms

Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline opponents prepare to make their stand in Lancaster, Pa  James Robinson photo

Colin Deppen writes for PennLive
Months after the culmination of a massive pipeline protest in North Dakota, officials there are warning their Lancaster County counterparts to start preparing for what may be a similar showdown between the pipeline industry and its opponents in Pennsylvania.
Construction on the Lancaster County portion of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project is expected to begin later this year, and opponents have vowed to prevent its completion through civil disobedience and a live-in protest at the site.  
It's a similar method to that employed by Native American protesters and their supporters in confronting the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota last year, a protest that some Atlantic Sunrise opponents from Lancaster County also took part in.
Now, North Dakota officials are looking to impart the law enforcement lessons learned from Dakota Access to officials in Lancaster County, telling them to "Go big" and "Go fast ... before things spin out of control," reports.
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