Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trenton-based Sadat Associates under new ownership

Dr. Lahbib Chibani, P.E.

Sadat Associates was one of the early subscriber to EnviroPolitics.
We are pleased to publish the news of the company's recent leadership transition and wish all the best to founder Dr. Marwan Sadat, P.E.,
and the company's new owner,
Dr. Labib Chibani, P.E.

Sadat Associates, Inc. (SAI) is pleased to announce the transfer of ownership of the company from Dr. Marwan Sadat, P.E., Founder of the firm, to Dr. Lahbib Chibani, P.E., President of SAI.  “We worked on this transition for several months, and I’m happy that everyone involved will benefit from it,” says Dr. Chibani.  “I’ve worked with Dr. Chibani for many years, and I have complete confidence in his judgment and his abilities,” adds Dr. Sadat.  “The company couldn’t have gained a better leader to keep SAI moving forward.”

SAI was founded in 1986 as an environmental science consulting and engineering firm.  Located in Trenton, New Jersey, the firm’s reputation for unique and creative solutions stemmed from the many years that its founder and key staff served in regulatory agencies.  By combining regulatory experience with advanced engineering and environmental science, the firm was able to achieve many accomplishments:

  • Serving over 2100 clients, comprised of state, county and local governmental agencies as well as private industry;
  • Spearheading the redevelopment of brownfields, including and specializing in landfills; and
  • Pioneering a variety of creative and innovative environmental solutions, such as tracing the origin of soil, sediment, water, and air contaminants by using radioisotopes.

SAI was integral in redeveloping the former Elizabeth City municipal landfill into what eventually became The Mills at Jersey Gardens.  This mall draws shoppers not only from New York City, but also from around the world.  This was the first successful project in New Jersey to transform a contaminated landfill and brownfield area into commercial real estate.

Other notable SAI projects throughout the years include:
  • Redevelopment of the North Wildwood Landfill into The Tides at Seaboard Point, a 96-unit residential community
  • Redevelopment of the former GAF factory site in South Bound Brook into Canal Crossing residential community· 
  • Closure of six partially closed landfills in the Meadowlands 
  • Remediation, closure and redevelopment of the former PJP landfill, a USEPA Superfund site, into a thriving warehouse complex in Jersey City

Dr. Chibani’s vision for the future of the firm “…is to stay in the forefront of environmental science and engineering by involving everyone in the company in creating its future.  Among others, we will continue providing services related to environmental balance, whether through renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, ecological restoration, sustainability and storm resiliency, and redevelopment to promote more efficient land use, and other creative solutions.”

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