Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Land preservation funding bills sent to NJ Gov. Christie

An important action taken by New Jersey lawmakers each year before leaving Trenton for summer recess is the appropriation of funding for farmland, open space and other preservation projects.

Yesterday, the legislature gave final approval, and sent to the governor, the following (click on the number to open the bill):

A-4580  Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Quijano, A. (D-20); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Lesniak, R.J. (D-20); Oroho, S.V. (R-24)
Appropriates $2,900,000 from "2009 Farmland Preservation Fund" for grants to certain nonprofit organizations for farmland preservation purposes.

A-4581  Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Singleton, T. (D-7); Downey, J. (D-11); Cruz-Perez, N. (D-5); Oroho, S.V. (R-24)
Appropriates $22,385,743 to State Agriculture Development Committee for farmland preservation purposes.

A-4582  Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Mazzeo, V. (D-2); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Zwicker, A. (D-16); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Whelan, J. (D-2); Van Drew, J. (D-1)
Appropriates $32.5 million from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for county planning incentive grants.

A-4584  Zwicker, A. (D-16); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Sweeney, S.M. (D-3)
Appropriates $7,500,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues for planning incentive grants to municipalities for farmland preservation purposes.

S-3240  Greenstein, L.R. (D-14); Codey, R.J. (D-27)
Authorizes NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2018.

Also approved by the Assembly yesterday and sent to Gov. Christie was:
A-1645 (Schaer)/ S-195 (Kyrillos) which expands the current definition of 'acquisition' for county and municipal open space trust funding to include demolition, removal of debris, and restoration of lands.

Off to the Assembly after clearing the Senate was:
S-3241  Smith, B. (D-17); Codey, R.J. (D-27)
Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2018.  Related Bill: A-4998

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