Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Md. Gov. cancels predecessor's 'zero-waste' landfill plan

Michael Dresser reports for The Baltimore Sun

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Tuesday night that he has canceled "zero-waste" landfill rules issued by Gov. Martin O'Malley a week before he left office in 2015.
Speaking to the annual summer gathering of the Maryland Municipal League, the Republican governor said he was rescinding the policy in response to complaints from local governments.
Hogan told the group of town and city officials that his Democratic predecessor's action "usurped local authority" and "created overflowing landfills and unnecessary hardships for local governments."
"We are replacing that last-minute, ill-conceived and poorly devised policy with a common-sense, balanced approach to managing waste in Maryland," he said.
Hogan said his action lifts a moratorium on permits for new landfills and sets "achievable" goals for recycling.
Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke said Hogan ought to reconsider and join other states trying to implement zero-waste policies.

"It sounds as if not only trash but also policy would now be moving in exactly the wrong direction," she said. "I find that an unwise decision, which sounds very Trump-ian, and I hope the governor will reconsider and help us bring Maryland back into its unity with other states across the nation who are trying to save the environment through zero waste policies."

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