Thursday, June 1, 2017

NJ Ag and Environment bills in committees June 5

1 P.M.
Room 15, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

For consideration:

A-1696  Dancer, R.S. (R-12); Conaway, H. (D-7);
Caride, M. (D-36)
Authorizes prescribed burning in certain circumstances.
A-4558  Space, P. (R-24); Jones, P.E. (D-5); Dancer, R.S. (R-12); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3)
Establishes "Best Use of Ugly Produce Award Program."
A-4787  Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Mazzeo, V. (D-2)
Authorizes alternate members for farmers on State Agriculture Development Committee.
A-4788  Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Mazzeo, V. (D-2)
Creates alternate voting members on county agriculture development boards.

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A-4844  Mazzeo, V. (D-2); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3)
Authorizes temporary members to fill certain vacancies on Fish and Game Council.
A-4846  Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1)
Requires restitution and increases penalties for vandalism and trespass on agricultural or horticultural lands.
A-4847  Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3)
Authorizes award of reasonable costs and attorney fees to farmers prevailing in certain farm management disputes.
A-4849  Andrzejczak, B. (D-1)
Clarifies law concerning circumstances in which members of Pinelands Commission may vote.
AJR-131  Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Dancer, R.S. (R-12); Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Space, P. (R-24)
Designates month of September of each year as "Organic Farming Month."
AJR-138  Taliaferro, A.J. (D-3); Space, P. (R-24); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1); Dancer, R.S. (R-12)
Designates first full week of June of each year as "Ugly Produce Week."

6/5/17  2 P.M.
Room 9, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

For consideration:

  Land, R.B. (D-1); Andrzejczak, B. (D-1)
Provides free admission to State parks, forests, and beaches for certain veterans and military personnel.
Related Bill: S-2591
A-4728  Eustace, T. (D-38); Downey, J. (D-11); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Zwicker, A. (D-16)
Requires BPU to conduct energy storage analysis.
Related Bill: S-3064

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A-4795  Eustace, T. (D-38)
Requires certain buildings and structures in Hackensack Meadowlands to use "bird friendly" glass or other construction and design techniques to reduce bird collisions.
AR-227  Benson, D.R. (D-14); Zwicker, A. (D-16); Houghtaling, E. (D-11); Kennedy, J.J. (D-22)
Urges BPU to adopt goal to equip 500,000 homes with energy-saving smart thermostats by 2023.
Related Bill: SR-110
SCR-144  Sweeney, S.M. (D-3)
Commends Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory for contributions to ocean research, data collection, technology, and forecasting.
Related Bill: ACR-231
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