Friday, June 23, 2017

Philly comptroller wants to kick BigBellys off the curb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The City Controller says those Bigbelly trash compactors around Philadelphia are in a sorry state. And, he claims, they’re not working as advertised. But city officials strongly disagree with his findings.
The Bigbelly Solar compactors created a buzz when first installed in Center City in 2009.
They were supposed to be smarter than those old wire mesh trash receptacles that were always overflowing, and were intended to make our streets cleaner, save money, and improve the environment.
But, Controller Alan Butkovitz is trashing the system.
“While the Bigbellys were promoted as a tool to reduce the collection rate, with their ability to store more trash, there’s been no sufficient documentation to substantiate any financial savings,” Butkovitz said.
img 6866 City Controller Trashes Philadelphia Bigbelly Compactors
(credit: Steve Tawa)
Butkovitz says there’s no viable work order and maintenance tracking system, and the original Bigbellys, many of which he says are disgusting, are reaching their life expectancy.
Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams disputes Butkovitz’s claims that the Streets Department has not done a comprehensive cost benefit analysis.
“We’re saving about $650,000 per year with the decreased collection costs,” said Williams.
Williams says they’ve reduced the frequency of collections from 17 per week at the old litter bins, to 3.5 per week at each Bigbelly.
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