Monday, June 19, 2017

Share Your 2017 Summer Book List with fellow EP readers

Given thought yet to your summer reading list? 

Are there a few trashy romances poking out of your beach bag that you wouldn't be caught reading on the train?

The New York Times best seller you stood in line to buy
(in 2012) but never found time to crack?

Tell us what pages you'll be turning this summer on the beach, at the pool or while almost dozing in a hammock.

Send your list to

Please i
nclude your name and business, government or association affiliation. (Inquiring minds want to know who's reading what). Not required but, if you're so inclined, attach a selfie of you nose-deep into a book. 

Let's have fun with this. Don't dawdle. The faster you respond, the quicker we can publish our initial list--one we hope to update as the summer progresses (or retrogresses, based on your political perspective).

Cause summertime is reading time, U.S.A. 


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