Friday, June 2, 2017

'Societal benefits' and 'dirty dirt' bills clear NJ committee

Two high-profile environmental bills were released yesterday by the New Jersey Senate's Environment and Energy Committee. 

The first, SCR-151 (Smith/Bateman), would amend the State Constitution to require that 'societal benefit' charges on utility bills be used to fund energy-efficiency programs--and not to plug up holes in the state budget as has been the practice in recent years.

The second, S-2306 (Lesniak), would bring soils brokers, soils salesmen and Class B recycling facilities under the A-901 licensing law currently required for companies and facilities in the solid waste sector.

EnviroPolitics Editor Frank Brill asks the NJ Sierra Club's Jeff Tittel and Environment New Jersey's Doug O'Malley why they are pushing for passage of both pieces of legislation.

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