Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hey Jersey, you weren't as slow as these Pennsy slackers

New Jersey legislators missed their constitutional deadline to produce a state budget by three days this month. Pennsylvania is now five days late with the Republican leadership talking about borrowing to make up the deficit

Marc Levy reports for  the Associated Press:

(Harrisburg) -- A top Pennsylvania senator says compromise legislation to expand casino-style gambling is forthcoming as a stalemate enters its fifth day over paying for a $32 billion budget package.
Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati said Wednesday that gambling legislation is a step toward raising $2.2 billion to fill a deficit. The Capitol is quiet this week as top lawmakers talk privately outside the Capitol.
Scarnati and the Legislature's other Republican leaders say they're considering borrowing most of the money.
Gambling legislation had been held up by a disagreement over heavily lobbied legislation to allow slot machine-style gambling terminals in bars and truck stops. But Scarnati says it's time to move past disagreements. Scarnati says negotiators are also working on legislation that could expand the sale of wine or liquor licenses.

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