Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How would you like one of these in your back yard?

Burlington County, NJ will spend an estimated $800,000 to stabilize sinkhole in Florence. Mel Evans AP photo

Brian Woods reports for the Burlington County Times:
FLORENCE — More than two years after a 50-foot sinkhole threatened homes along the Delaware River in the township, the county is ready to stabilize the area. 
The Burlington County Board of Freeholders at its meeting June 28 authorized construction work on the sinkhole on Front Street through a shared service agreement with the Burlington County Bridge Commission.
Work will start in the next six weeks and be performed by AP Construction, of Blackwood. It is expected to cost up to $800,000, according to county spokesman Eric Arpert.
The bridge commission has an emergency repair contract with AP Construction that helps speed up projects, and will allow the county to save on administrative costs since it will not go out to bid on the construction, Apert said. As per the shared service agreement, the construction firm will be paid hourly and the county will reimburse the bridge commission for the costs.
In 2015, the massive sinkhole nearly toppled a home into the Delaware River and took portions of the backyard of the house next door. The crater that the sinkhole created slides into the river, causing concern of further erosion.
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