Friday, July 21, 2017

In South Philly, a battle over parking in Broad St.'s median

median parking on Broad St in Philly
Jake Blumgart reports for PlanPhilly:
In South Philadelphia, the median of the Broad Street thoroughfare is usually full of parked cars. It’s a long-standing tradition in these densely packed rowhouse neighborhoods, one that provokes astonishment and bemusement in visitors.
But critics of the practice say it is dangerous. Crashes occur when pedestrians dart out from the column of parked vehicles or when a car attempts to jet into traffic from a direction other drivers aren’t expecting.
For the past year, a campaign lead by the urbanist PAC 5th Square sought to pressure the city into removing the vehicles, which technically are illegally parked. Neither the police nor the PPA punish those who flout the law, though, except during special events like the Democratic National Convention.
Now 5th Square is suing the Philadelphia Police Department and the PPA to compel them to enforce the law.
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