Monday, September 18, 2017

Residents try to save last working farm in Middletown, Pa

Stone Meadows Farm sits on Route 413 across from the George School in Bucks County, Pa.

Tyler Miles reports for the Bucks County Courier-Times:

A group of Middletown residents are trying to intervene in an agreement of sale to preserve the last remaining parcel of active farming land in the township.
While Wyomissing-based Metropolitan Development Group wants to build 124 single-family homes on the 168-acre Stone Meadows Farm near the intersection of Route 413 and Fulling Mill Road, the residents say they have raised "more than $500,000" in their efforts to secure the land.
Chances are they will need significantly more, as one township officials puts the price of the acreage at more than $10 million.
The residents, however, don't seem deterred.
"Once it was known the property was going to be developed, the residents around here just panicked because this has been a beautiful farm for as along as any of us have lived here and way before," said Jenny Ornsteen during a recent interview in her home.
Linda Mead, Ornsteen's friend in the fight, said the farm is unique.
"If it was just another farm in a rural area, it wouldn’t have the same sense of urgency and importance, but the fact that it's developed all around it means that it really is the last remaining farm in Middletown Township," she said.
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