Friday, November 17, 2017

Before you say adios to Gov. Chris Christie, read this

By Frank Brill, EnviroPolitics editor

Between now and the end of 2017, you will encounter a truckload of recollections, reassessments and critiques of Chris Christie's eight tumultuous--sometimes amazing and ultimately exhausting--years as New Jersey's governor.
I'm not sure that I have the inclination or the stamina to read them all. Happily, there no longer may be a need.
In today's Politico Magazine, the talented political observer, Josh Dawsey, offers up a tour of the Christie years, with insights from political combatants, comments from Christie's closest advisors, and quotes from a sit-down with the governor himself that come as close to candid as a politician might allow. 
As for Dawsey, the writer, here's what Vanity Fair's Chris Popeo has to say:

"In yet another Trump-beat newsroom raid, The Washington Post has hired rising-star White House reporter Josh Dawsey, from Politico. At the Post, he will join a six-person White House team following the recent departure of Abby Phillip for CNN. Politico recruited Dawsey, now 27, from The Wall Street Journal—where he was a well-respected but not terrifically well-known New York City Hall reporter—at the end of last year, moved him to Washington, and turned him loose on the West Wing. Dawsey, an energetic, ink-stained-wretch type with a hint of South Carolina drawl, had a gift for covering the soap opera, but also has notched more substantive scoops on Russia and on various policy developments."

Save yourself a lot of reading time. Start with Dawsey's piece on Christie. It's really that good.
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