Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pinelands greens rallying to save one of their champions

Pinelands Commissioner Ed Lloyd
UPDATE: The nomination to replace Ed Lloyd has been pulled from tomorrow's committee agenda. 

Environmental defenders of the New Jersey Pinelands have issued an emergency alert, urging phone calls to members of the state Senate's Judiciary Committee--and attendance at tomorrow's  (Dec. 7)  meeting of the committee in Trenton.

Scheduled for action is a vote on a nominee to replace long-time Pinelands Commission member Ed Lloyd, a 'Pinelands hero," according to Pinelands Preservation Alliance Executive Director Carlton Montgomery." 

Here's what the Alliance has to say about the nomination:

Yesterday Governor Christie nominated Ed McGlinchey to replace longtime environmental stalwart Ed Lloyd as a gubernatorial representative on the Pinelands Commission. This is an extreme move by a lame duck governor to remove an environmental champion from the Commission.
Ed Lloyd has served on the Pinelands Commission as a gubernatorial appointee since 2002. He is an expert in environmental law, has testified before the U.S. Senate and House of Representative committees, serves on the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Environmental Litigation, and sits on the Litigation Review Committee of the Environmental Defense Fund. Lloyd is a professor of Environmental Law at Columbia Law School, where he serves as the director of the Environmental Law Clinic. Prior to joining Columbia, Lloyd was the founding director of the Rutgers University Environmental Law Clinic

It is ludicrous to get rid of someone with a passion for public service and the skills to do the job.  This is political retribution for Mr. Lloyd's staunch support of the rules that protect the Pinelands, which have, at times, put him at odds with the Governor. 

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