Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cuomo re-proposes food waste recycling for New York


Cole Rosengren reports for WasteDive

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reintroduced legislation for a commercial organics diversion mandate in his proposed executive budget for FY19.

Any commercial establishment that generates an average two tons or more per week of excess food and food scraps would be required to arrange for recovery and recycling by Jan. 2021.
As written, this would cover supermarkets, restaurants, higher education institutions, hotels, food processors, correctional facilities, sports and entertainment venues, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Generators in New York City would be excluded because of pre-existing local policy. Othergenerators may receive short-term exemptions for food scrap recycling if no processing options are available within a 40-mile radius or if they can prove costs would be higher than disposal.

If the legislation is passed, the state's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) would be required to assess regional capacity and notify generators of expected compliance by June 2020. All covered generators would be required to submit annual reports to DEC detailing their progress beginning March 2022.

The proposed language is nearly identical to the Food Recovery and Recycling Act in Cuomo's FY18 budget,

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