Friday, January 19, 2018

FERC approves 100-mile PA to NJ PennEast gas pipeline

WFMZ-TV's 69 News reports tonight:
The PennEast Pipeline Project between eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey has gained approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
The announcement was made Friday.
The company says the more than 100-mile pipeline between eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey would deliver safe, low-cost energy.
But opponents say the project threatens thousands of acres of open space and drinking water sources.

In the full order, commissioners say “Based on the benefits the project will provide to the shippers, the lack of adverse effects on existing customers, other pipelines and their captive customers, and effects on landowners and surrounding communities, we find…that the public convenience and necessity requires approval of PennEast’s proposal, subject to the conditions discussed below.

Shortly after the news was released, a statement was issued by PennEast saying in part, “Today’s approval of the PennEast Pipeline is a major victory for New Jersey and Pennsylvania families and businesses,” said Dat Tran, Chair of the PennEast Pipeline Company LLC Board of Managers. “They will reap the benefits of accessing one of the most affordable and abundant supplies of natural gas in all of North America. PennEast will lower gas and electricity costs, increase reliability, improve air quality, and make the region more competitive for jobs in the coming decades.”

The New Jersey Sierra Club, which has opposed the project every step of the way, also issued a statement vowing to continue the fight saying, “Now the fight begins. We will organize to stop this pipeline that people vigorously approve. PennEast has a long way to go and many permits to get. We also have a new Governor who opposes the project. We won't stop until we stop this dangerous and unneeded pipeline."

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