Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Final enviro and energy bills signed, vetoed by Gov Christie

In the final hours of his expiring term as governor, Chris Christie signed these environment and energy bills into law:

S848 /A5339 (Stack, Oroho / Mukherji, Chaparro) - Requires certain State oversight of budgets of regional sewerage authorities

S2076 /A3398 (Bateman, Smith / Caride, Space, Taliaferro, Dancer, Houghtaling) - Requires pesticide applicator to notify beekeeper when applying pesticide within three miles of registered honey or native beehive or beeyard

S2078 / A3400 (Bateman, Smith / Caride, Dancer, Taliaferro, Space, McKeon, Houghtaling) - Requires training for pesticide applicators and operators concerning pollinating bees

S2180 (Oroho) - "New Jersey Rural Electric Cooperative Act"

S2389 /A4097 (A.R. Bucco, Oroho, Pennacchio / A.M. Bucco, Space, Phoebus, DeCroce, Webber, McKeon) - Establishes Lake Hopatcong Fund and dedicates $500,000 annually from certain power vessel operator license fees to the fund

S2400 / ACS for A1616 (Cruz-Perez, Allen / Burzichelli, Dancer, Taliaferro, A.M. Bucco) - Authorizes use of tracking dog to search for and recover wild deer during prescribed hunting season

S3026 /A4634 (Smith, Thompson / Lampitt, Eustace, Zwicker) - Clarifies and expands liability protections for food donations and gleaning activities

S3521 / A5194 (Gordon, Oroho / Eustace, Rooney, Holley, Wisniewski) - Allows expanded use of recycled asphalt pavement

S3568 / 5320 (Codey, Turner / Andrzejczak, Zwicker, Houghtaling) - Appropriates $19,266,145 to State Agriculture Development Committee for farmland preservation purposes

S3570 / A5318 (Van Drew, Oroho / Houghtaling, Downey, Taliaferro, Andrzejczak) - Appropriates $1,737,902 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for grants to certain nonprofit organizations for farmland preservation purposes

S3573 / A5317 (Bell, Bateman / Mazzeo, Singleton, Andrzejczak, Zwicker, Houghtaling) - Appropriates $7.5 million from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for county planning incentive grants for farmland preservation purposes

S3575 / A5321 (Ruiz, Allen / Muoio, Land, McKeon, Jones, Zwicker) - Appropriates $4,990,934 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to NJ Historic Trust for grants for certain historic preservation projects

S3595 / A5319 (Sweeney / Taliaferro, Burzichelli, Houghtaling) - Appropriates $500,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for municipal planning incentive grant for farmland preservation purposes

S3616 / A3931 (Sarlo / Singleton, Holley) - Provides exception to weight limits for natural gas vehicles consistent with federal law

A1954 / S1237 (Coughlin, Benson, Mukherji, Pintor Marin / Vitale) - Makes changes to funding provisions for financial assistance and grants from Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund

A2204 / S3355 (Eustace, Benson, Zwicker, Wimberly / Gordon, Cruz-Perez) - Authorizes virtual net metering for certain electric public utility customers connected to certain hydropower facilities and resource recovery facilities

A3055 / S2444 (Space, Houghtaling, Dancer, Phoebus / Addiego, Oroho) - Authorizes counties to issue promotional labeling for county agricultural products

A4787 / S3285 (Andrzejczak, Houghtaling, Taliaferro, Mazzeo, Space / Van Drew, Cruz-Perez) - Authorizes alternate members for farmers on State Agriculture Development Committee

A4868 / S3259 (Moriarty, Eustace, Kennedy / Greenstein, Thompson) - Extends warranty for partial zero emission vehicles


The governor took no action on other bills. At the end of a
two-year session, this constitutes a 'pocket veto.' The bills included:

A-3732 -- Directs Dept. of Agriculture to authorize and
advise food hubs.  Related Bill: S-2822

A-4439 -- Prohibits sale and distribution of mercury relays
and switches under certain circumstances.

S-3317 -- Requires NJ to join U.S. Climate Alliance to uphold
Paris Climate Accord.  Related Bill: A-5040

S-3012 -- Allows NJ gross income tax deduction for charitable contributions of food made from business inventory.  Related Bill: A-2753  

S-2872 -- Provides certain incentives to qualified businesses in Garden State Growth Zones; creates Garden State Growth
Zone at Atlantic City International Airport and surrounding
area. Related Bill: A-4510

S-2276 -- Modifies State's solar renewable energy portfolio
standards. Related Bill: A-3918

A-3295 -- Concerns low emission and zero emission
vehicles; establishes Clean Vehicle Task Force.
Related Bill: S-985

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