Monday, February 12, 2018

Enviro, ag and energy bills clearing committee today in NJ

The following New Jersey bills were released from committee today and now are in place for upcoming votes on the floor in the New Jersey Assembly:

A436 - Requires electric public utilities to provide priority power restoration to certain medical facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

A792 - Authorizes issuance of multi-species depredation permit for wildlife control on farmland. (with amendments) 

A1344 - Allows electric energy produced from biofuel to be eligible as Class II renewable energy.
A2188 - Prohibits sale and distribution of mercury relays and switches under certain circumstances.
A2731 - Removes statutory limitations on number of permits that may be issued by Division of Fish and Wildlife for the taking of beaver.
A2732 - Clarifies that use of propane-powered noise making device is allowed as non-lethal method of wildlife control on farmland.
A3116 - Amends definition of "existing major hazardous waste facility" in "Major Hazardous Waste Facilities Siting Act."
A3242 - Permits certain deer control activities; prohibits deer feeding; and establishes check-off donation on hunting license applications to support venison donation program.
ACR144 - Condemns EPA decision to withdraw from "once-in-always-in" policy under the Clean Air Act.

Also: NJ Dems lusting to throw off Christie's enviro-shackles

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