Friday, February 16, 2018

NJ bill would let your solar panels earn their keep

Strong move to encourage greater use of ‘net metering’ as advocates push for state to overhaul energy policies and critics worry about cost to ratepayers

Tom Johnson reports for NJ Spotlight:
solar installer

New Jersey is giving solar energy a boost by expan
ding a policy that encourages homeowners and businesses to install panels.
With wide backing, the Senate Environment and Energy Committee voted to broaden the use of net metering, a system that allows owners of solar arrays to get paid for the electricity their panels produce when it is fed back into the power grid.
The move comes at a time when most clean energy advocates are strongly pushing the state to overhaul its policies to encourage the use of solar energy, while others criticize its cost to ratepayers, who paid approximately $500 million last year to subsidize its growth.
In Trenton yesterday, however, there was widespread support for net metering, an important component of the rapid expansion of solar energy in New Jersey.

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