Sunday, March 18, 2018

Pa. GOP wants probe of 'irregularities' in special election

In the special election in Pa.'a 18th District, Democrat Conor Lamb beat Republican Rick Saccone by fewer than 1,000 votes

Liz Navratil reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The Pennsylvania Republican Party has asked the Department of State to investigate what it described as “a number of irregularities” in the 18th District special election.

Attorney Joel Frank, in a letter dated Friday, outlined five areas of concern, ranging from calls about machine errors to confusion about polling places and a dispute over whether a Republican attorney could watch part of the elections process.

“In the interest of transparency and nonpartisanship, we ask that you consider assigning this task to a Commonwealth elections official capable of conducting an impartial investigation in light of the positions you’ve taken on ongoing redistricting litigation,” Frank wrote.

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