Sunday, March 18, 2018

Philly workplaces join the Eagles in going sustainably green

Lincoln Financial Field solar wing facing I-95

Sandy Bauers reports for

Going green isn't just for the Eagles

Many companies have greened up their acts in ways that aren’t readily apparent – their lighting, for instance.

And then there’s the Philadelphia Eagles. They have 11,108 solar panels covering an entire side of their building, Lincoln Financial Field, and over some of the parking lot.  The Eagles say it’s the largest solar power plant in the NFL, producing 40 percent of the energy the stadium uses. On breezy days, 14 wind turbines atop the upper levels – the things that look a bit like giant egg beaters – generate more energy.

The Eagles divert virtually all of their waste from landfills, said Norman Vossschulte, the team’s Director of Fan Experience.  Post-consumer food scraps go to a Montgomery County composting operation, Two Particular Acres. Other waste is sent to a facility that separates trash and burns it for energy.

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