Monday, April 9, 2018

Energy and enviro bills on NJ Senate voting agenda

The New Jersey Senate will meet at 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 12, for a voting session. Included among the posted bills are:     

S71 (Singleton) - Prohibits dumping dredge spoils on and around certain islands without municipal approval.

S1083 (Cruz-Perez / Gopal) - Establishes loan program and provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for establishment of new vineyards and wineries.

S1217 (Sweeney / Smith) - Requires BPU consideration and approval of amended application for qualified wind energy project offshore in certain NJ territorial waters.

S1925 (Bateman) - Designates Bog Turtle as State Reptile.

S2287 (Turner) - Designates Pine Barrens Treefrog as NJ State Amphibian.

S2313 (Sweeney / Smith / Van Drew) - Establishes zero emission certificate program. [Related story]

S2314 (Smith / Sweeney / Van Drew) - Establishes and modifies clean energy and energy efficiency programs; modifies State's solar renewable energy portfolio standards. [Related story]

A2787 / S2127 (Dancer / Andrzejczak / Houghtaling / Cruz-Perez / Singer) - Extends pilot program authorizing special occasion events at wineries on preserved farmland; implements reporting requirement.

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