Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Farmers hit the road to reach shoppers before Amazon

The first order of business: David Nowacoski feeding his chickens (George Etheredge photo)

Michael Corkery reports for The New York Times:

EAST SMITHFIELD, Pa. — Huge retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Peapod are fighting for a piece of the online food delivery business.

So is David Nowacoski, a chicken and pig farmer here in East Smithfield.

Last month, Mr. Nowacoski started a service that delivers locally produced meats, cheeses and vegetables across three counties in northern Pennsylvania. His start-up collects food from far-flung farms and transports it weekly to residents who place their orders online.

We recently spent the day with Mr. Nowacoski and his wife, Marla, traveling about 92 miles in the family minivan, picking up and dropping off food from three farms, one cheese room, one tavern and a bakery.

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