Monday, May 21, 2018

Donald Trump wants the PSEG Nuclear subsidy bill vetoed

By Frank Brill
EnviroPolitics Editor

That's right. The president is urging New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to veto--or make substantial changes to--the bill sitting his Trenton desk that would deliver a very generous, taxpayer-funded subsidy to PSEG's still profitable, nuclear- generation facilities.

At least, that's what the president, pictured above and appropriately to the left, is urging. You might know him better as actor Alec Baldwin who has been satirizing the president, pictured above and surely on the right, in weekly Saturday Night Live skits.  

In an op-ed in the Asbury Park Press, President Baldwin-Trump writes:

Gov. Phil Murphy has pledged an all-renewable energy future for New Jersey by 2050. He is to be commended.

But, that goal won’t be achieved by doling out $300 million annually to PSEG and Exelon to bail out the Salem/Hope Creek nukes in Salem County as proposed by a bill overwhelmingly approved by the Democratic-controlled New Jersey Legislature. Those millions would come from ordinary citizens paying their electric bill.  

That’s money that could otherwise be used to implement a clean energy future that would pull the state’s energy needs away from climate-changing fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which generates thousands of pounds of lethal, highly radioactive waste — the exact same mix of poisons found in atomic bombs.

I’m adding my voice to the chorus of outrage that has risen against this preposterous ratepayer-funded bailout. We know what this is about. It’s a shell game to guarantee an unfair 18-percent annual return to investors on the backs of ratepayers. And it’s New Jersey money that the companies could use to prop up their out-of-state nukes.

Why is a New York City resident involving himself? 

The Trump stand-in explains:
I’ve been involved in issues related to reducing reliance on nuclear power since the late 1980s. I have a long association with the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), a nonprofit research group that tracks cancer rates around nuclear plants. I have also immersed myself in studying the effects of exposure to continuous low-level radiation, the type of which is emitted from nuclear plants.

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