Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pets and animal bills before NJ Senate committee May 31

The Senate Economic Growth Committee will meet on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 10:30 AM in Committee Room 1, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ.

The following bills will be considered:

S381 (Madden / Beach) - Prohibits persons violating animal cruelty law from owning, keeping, or harboring animals; requires DHSS establish and maintain website list of such persons.

S1093 (Cruz-Perez) - "Nosey's Law"; prohibits use of wild or exotic animals in traveling animal acts.

S1209 (Singleton) - Prohibits surgical declawing of cats and other animals.

S1230 (Singleton / Sweeney) - Establishes an animal abuser registry.

S1429 / A1053 (Van Drew / Houghtaling / Taliaferro / Andrzejczak) - Revises and expands laws on trespass and vandalism on agricultural and horticultural lands.

S1860 (Cruz-Perez) - Provides immunity from civil and criminal liability for rescue of animal from motor vehicle under inhumane conditions.

S1923 (Singleton / Gopal) - Revises criteria for determining whether dog is vicious or potentially dangerous.

S1953 (Oroho / Cruz-Perez) - Directs Dept. of Agriculture to authorize and advise food hubs.

SJR72 (Singer / Weinberg) - Designates second Monday of May each year as "New Jersey Economic Development Day."

(The public may address comments and questions to Patrick Brennan or Andrew Ward, Committee Aides, or make bill status and scheduling inquiries to Kimberly Johnson, Committee Secretary, at 609-847-3840, fax 609-292-0561, or e-mail: Written and electronic comments, questions and testimony submitted to the committee by the public, as well as recordings and transcripts, if any, of oral testimony, are government records and will be available to the public upon request.)

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