Saturday, May 5, 2018

Speedy and slow subjects before NJ enviro committee

By Frank Brill

EnviroPolitics Editor

Fast-moving vehicles and a slow-moving reptile are the subjects of legislation to be taken up on Thursday, May 10, by the New Jersey Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee. The panel will meet at 2 p.m. in Committee Room 12, 4th Floor, State House Annex in Trenton.

 On the docket are:

A1223 / S1793 (McKeon / Benson / Kennedy / Smith / Greenstein) - Concerns low emission and zero emission vehicles; establishes Clean Vehicle Task Force.

A1530 / S1925 (Zwicker / Bateman) - Designates Bog Turtle as State Reptile. (pending referral)

A2718 (McKeon) - Establishes public-private alternative fueling station pilot program and requires DOT to conduct study.

A2719 (McKeon) - Establishes public-private pilot program for level 3 electric vehicle charging stations.

A3688 (Benson / Pinkin / Zwicker) - Establishes State goals for adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging infrastructure; directs DEP and various other State agencies to develop programs to achieve those goals.

A3830 (Pinkin) - Directs BPU to develop and implement electric school bus pilot program. (pending referral)

(The public may address comments and questions to Carrie Anne Calvo-Hahn, Committee Aide, or make bill status and scheduling inquiries to Christine L. Hamilton, Secretary, at 609-847-3855, fax 609-292-0561, or e-mail: Written and electronic comments, questions and testimony submitted to the committee by the public, as well as recordings and transcripts, if any, of oral testimony, are government records and will be available to the public upon request.)

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