Monday, June 11, 2018

UPDATE: Environmental & energy bills released today

UPDATE: Every bill listed below was released except S-1683. It was held for additional discussion at a future meeting.
The New Jersey Senate's Environment and Energy Committee meets at 10 a.m. today in Room 10 on the third floor of the State House Annex. Committeemembers will consider the following bills:

A1033Palisades Interst. Park-open space elig.

ACR144Clean Air Act-concerns

S542High Point St. Park-desig. Vet. St. Park

S1683Solid & haz. waste-concerns regulation

S1760Palisades Interst. Park-open space elig.

S2253Natural gas veh.-bus., income tax cred.

S2255Veh. charging stations-prov bus tax cred

S2645Infra. Bank enabling act-makes changes
S2646Env. infra. proj., FY2019-approp. fds.

S2647Env. infra. proj.-expend cert. sums

SCR121Clean Air Act-concerns

SCR122Infra. Bank-approves FY 2019

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