Monday, June 4, 2018

Is this urban Philly farmer the future or a fantastic fraud?

Jack Griffin says he can still revolutionize agriculture and build the urban farm of the future.

But first, Griffin needs to survive a war with many of the folks he has worked with. His backers are suing him for fraud, accusing him of diverting over $1 million to his personal accounts. They’ve also outed him as an ex-felon and are publicly calling him a “career criminal” and a “con artist.”

Metropolis Farms, his massive indoor garden spot in South Philadelphia, was locked last month after Griffin fell $16,000 behind on rent and utilities. Experts say his crop projections were never realistic while records show he has exaggerated his educational credentials.

And he has a battle ahead facing accusations made last week that he stole $380,000 from a New Jersey school for autistic children.

Griffin, 56, said he’s “the victim of a plot to steal his patented technology.” He said his investors and his former partner, a one-time illegal marijuana grower, are trying to force him out of the business so they can take it for themselves.

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